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Hammond AO-28 Restored Preamp

Hammond AO-28 Restored Preamp
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Hammond AO-28 Restored Preamp

Prices from $1,195.00 to $1,304.00

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Price: $1,195.00

Product Details for Hammond AO-28 Restored Preamp

Tired of throwing money after organ preamp repairs? Maybe it's time to replace your mis-behaving preamp with one of our restored original Hammond AO-28 preamps, complete with the Trek II ® CPR-28 restoration kit pre-installed. These preamps were used in classic Hammond® A-100, B-3, C-3, D-100 and RT-3 organs. The CPR-28 replaces every resistor and fixed capacitor in the preamp including the two multi-section can capacitors. While not every tonewheel organ may warrant this level of restoration, our restored preamps with the pre-installed CPR-28 are available for those organs requiring the very highest level of quality and reliability in the AO-28.
  • Premium quality circuit board construction.
  • Ground plane shielding over sensitive circuitry areas.
  • Long life / high temperature rated electrolytic capacitors.
  • Rugged standoff mounting of wirewound resistors.
  • New tone and percussion cutoff controls included.
NOTE: New AO-28 tube set is optional; power transformer color (black or silver) is subject to availability.
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