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Trek II ELB-1A Effects Loop

Trek II ELB-1A Effects Loop
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Trek II ELB-1A Effects Loop

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Price: $138.00

Product Details for Trek II ELB-1A Effects Loop

The ELB-1A adds an INSTRUMENT LEVEL effects loop to allow the use of effects devices on either the upper or lower manual of many Hammond organ models. The ELB-1A contains an active buffer circuit which prevents the effects device fom loading down the organ signal. Two ELB-1A units can be used to provide an effects loop on each manual. Compatible with the following models: A-100, B-2, C-2, B-3, C-3, D-152, M-3, M-100, RT-2, RT-3.

NOTES: (1) Instrument Level effects devices include guitar pedals and other effects devices intended to be placed between an instrument and amplifier. (2) Line Level effects devices are typically rack mounted and are designed to accept a higher signal level than instrument level effects devices. (3) To use line level effects devices, use the SSP-3A pre-amp and the ELB-3A option. 

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