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Trek II KBF-2 Downstop Felt

Trek II KBF-2 Downstop Felt
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Trek II KBF-2 Downstop Felt

Price $32.00

Product Details for Trek II KBF-2 Downstop Felt

The KBF-2 is an exact reproduction of the #042-001701 B-3 type downstop felt. An essential part of any Hammond console restoration or busbar lube job, it helps restore the "new feel" and quiet operation to the keyboard.

Easily installed on late A-100, B-3, C-3, D-100, and RT-3 organs. (These organs are identified by front strips that are secured with Phillips head screws.)

Also usable on earlier consoles. However, front strip removal on these organs requires substantial disassembly of the keyboards.

NOTE: Priced and sold in pairs only - 2 felts for both upper and lower manuals! 



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