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Trek II TS-2 Tremolo Switch

Trek II TS-2 Tremolo Switch
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Trek II TS-2 Tremolo Switch

Price $109.00

Product Details for Trek II TS-2 Tremolo Switch

Mounts in place of the lower left hand end block on standard Hammond consoles. Allows convenient rocker switch control of the tremolo function. Provided with a two position switch (TS-2-1).Two electrically isolated switch sections allow easy control of dissimilar Leslies with a single switch. Pre-punched mounting hole provided for addition of a reverb or other control in the same enclosure.

NOTE: Upon request the TS-2 can be supplied pre-wired for the control of a second Leslie type.

NOTE: When ordered along with the RV-1C or SSP-3A, the TS-2 can be supplied with the reverb control pre-installed in the end block cover.


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