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Crumar Mojo Organs/GSi - Crumar Mojo 61 Organ Keyboard

Crumar Mojo 61 Organ Lower Manual

Crumar Mojo 61 Organ Lower Manual
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Crumar Mojo 61 Organ Lower Manual

Price $700.00

Product Details for Crumar Mojo 61 Organ Lower Manual

Lower manual keyboard for the single manual MOJO 61. When connected to the MOJO 61 (via proprietary MIDI/DIN cable, included), MOJO 61 will recognize it out of the box and automatically will set it to "EXT-LOWER”. It works ONLY with the MOJO 61 because it is passive and it does not have a power supply. With the "lower manual" connected, the MOJO 61 is still mono-timbral, so you cannot have piano on lower manual and organ on upper manual.

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Crumar MOJO 61 Lower Manual-2

Crumar MOJO 61 Lower Manual-3

Crumar MOJO 61 Lower Manual-7

Crumar MOJO 61 Lower Manual-4

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