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Hammond A-405 Organ

Hammond A-405 Organ
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Hammond A-405 Organ

Price $17,995.00

Product Details for Hammond A-405 Organ

Hammond proudly introduces the innovative A-405 Chapel Console Organ. From Gospel to Contemporary styles of Church music, this versatile organ can fill all of your musical needs.


Hammond A-405 Organ Manuals

Hammond A-405 Organ


Sound Generator



  • 2- VASE III (61 note polyphony), Extra Voice 80 note polyphony


  • Swell C1 to C6  61-key, Great C1 to C6  61-key

Pedal Keyboard

  • 25-note, radiating, detachable

Harmonic Drawbars

  • Swell 9 Pitches, Great 9 Pitches Pedal 2 Pitches, Drawbar Voicing – Manual  5 choices, Drawbar Voicing – Pedals    4 choices

Touch-Response Percussion

  • Buttons Second Harmonic, Third Harmonic, Fast Decay, Volume Soft, Adjustable Parameters, Touch, Velocity, Decay (Fast, Slow),  Level (Normal, Soft)

Extra Voice

  • 880 Instruments, 56 Drum Kits, General MIDI upper compatible, Parts 1 Part per keyboard


  • Internal Leslie, Advanced Digital,  2 Rotors Buttons, On, Fast, Vibrato and Chorus, Digital Scanner, Rotary Mode Knob: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3 Buttons: Swell On, Great On, Overdrive, Advanced Digital Equalizer, Drawbars: Bass, Mid & Treble tone, Extra Voice: Bass, Mid & Treble tone, Reverb, Continuously Variable, Digital 10 programs Pedal, Sustain, 5 lengths Button: Pedal Sustain On


  • 430 – 450 1Hz. Steps


  • -6  to +6 semitones

Coupler (Buttons)

  • Pedal to Great, Great to Pedal

Combination Presets

  • 9 Banks, 9 Presets Controllers


  • Master Volume, External Volume, Extra Voice Volume


  • Pitch Bend, Modulation Pedal, Expression Pedal w/1 Foot Switch


  • SMF compatible Sequence Recorder w/ Simple Rhythm Player


  • Compact Card Slot


  • 20-Characters, 2-lines, 9 control buttons


  • Templates:  3 Templates External Zones:  1 Zone per Keyboard


  • MIDI In (Keyboard), In (Multi), Out Audio Line In, L, R, Line Out, L, R, Headphones, Leslie 11-pin, 1 to 3 channels available

Sound System

  • Amplification: 3 – 50 watt RMS amplifiers, Speakers: 2 – 2” tweeters, 8” & 6” full range,15” woofer


  • Closed (without pedal keyboard) 37 3/4” (H) x 46 1/4” (W) x 26” (D)   


  • Console and Bench & Pedalboard 277 lbs.

Please contact us for more information on the new Hammond A-405 Organ.

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