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Hammond SK1-61 Organ Stage Keyboard

Hammond SK1-61 Organ Stage Keyboard
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Hammond SK1-61 Organ Stage Keyboard

Price $1,995.00

Product Details for Hammond SK1-61 Organ Stage Keyboard

The 15 Pound Sk1 is the smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ ever made, and it’s even more astounding when you consider the palette of Hi-Def Extravoices that are onboard. For the gigging musician, there is really no other choice but this comprehensive keyboard. How many times have you finished a satisfying show and faced moving your equipment with dread in your eyes; as your guitarist puts his ax in the case, picks up his amp and he’s out the door? Now you can pack up and hit the road in a jiffy, too, with NO compromise in  available sounds. If you’ve been “making do” with an imitation Hammond, or the “Jazz Organ” preset on your synth, because you had no room for a B-3 and Leslie, you can now bring the soul back to your show, even if the venue has a postage stamp for a stage.

Hammond SK1 Organ Keyboard


Hammond SK1 Organ Keyboard

So, think of a Hammond XK-3c in a 15 lb. package, only with a bunch of classic extra sounds. Add the ability to download additional library sounds via USB, and the Hammond Sk1 and Sk2 models will allow players additional possibilities for individualized setups. Perhaps best of all, it's a HAMMOND ... and lots more!


  • Dimensions: Sk1: 35.2"(W) x 11.9"(D) x 3.9"(H); Sk2: 37.2"(W) x 17.9"(D) x 6.7"(H)
  • Weight: Sk1: 15.4 lbs.; Sk2: 35.3 lbs.

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