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Leslie Studio 12 and Studio 12W

Leslie Studio 12 and Studio 12W
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Leslie Studio 12 and Studio 12W

Price $2,195.00

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Price: $2,195.00

Product Details for Leslie Studio 12 and Studio 12W

The smallest and lightest dual-rotor LESLIE ever made, the Studio Model 12, weighs in at just 85 pounds. Now, it too is joined by a multi-core ply walnut veneer traditional style cabinet, the Studio 12W. Packing 100 watts and a 12-inch woofer, features adjustable fast and slow speeds and toggles between the two with any standard footswitch. The treble horn is the same assembly used in all LESLIE speakers.

The Studio 12 will be built using a mutli-core birch wood cabinet, and with a new black polyurethane “water resistant” finish. Made in the USA. Joining the Leslie Speaker line is the smallest ever dual-rotor Leslie intended for general applications, the Leslie Studio 12. It is the same size and weight as the popular G37 Guitar Leslie with which it shares a common cabinet. Keyboard players have asked for an ultra-portable Leslie that had a true Leslie Horn and Rotor, and Hammond has delivered their wish.

With a tube preamp driving a 100 watt solid state power amp, the Studio 12 is at home on the Rock and Roll stage and Jazz club alike. Its ¼” input allows any instrument to connect, and a standard footswitch handles fast and slow speeds. Leslie’s exclusive “Gas Pedal”, which allows custom Leslie speeds and expressive swells may be fitted to the Studio 12.

Like all traditional Leslie cabinets, including the G37 and the new Studio 12, select electronics and woodworks are all hand-built in the USA. Leslie Studio 12 and 12W
Leslie Studio 12 and 12W

Studio 12+ Red Walnut

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