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A view of the keyboard cockpit from the Taylor Swift RED Tour.

B3 GUYS Hammond A-100 Organ on the Taylor Swift RED Tour
The finished product, a B3 GUYS Hammond A-100. Photo compliments of David Cook, Music Director & Keyboards.

Taylor Swift RED Tour selects B3 GUYS.

Hammond A-100 for Taylor Swift RED Tour

B3 GUYS is honored to have been selected to provide a Hammond A-100 Organ for the upcoming Taylor Swift RED Tour 2013. With the organ modifications and tour prep now complete, it's off to the paint booth for a color change ... RED. Look for David Cook, Music Director & Keyboards, manning the controls on their worldwide tour. 

Roger Waters B-3 from The Wall Live Tour visits B3 GUYS.

The Hammond B-3 on Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour is played by Harry Waters, Roger Waters son. This early 70's model is one of two Hammond B-3s on the tour. Longtime keyboard tech Alfie payed us an early Monday morning visit ... 24 hours later it was off to Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN for the show.

Steve Winwood visits B3 GUYS.

Steve Winwood visits B3 GUYS

B3 GUYS received a visit today from one of our favorite clients, Steve Winwood, who then proceeded to show us how it's done (on my personal B-3). Some days in the office are just better than others.

Summer NAMM 2011, Nashville, TN

Front Row: Hammond organ artists Akiko Tsuruga, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Moe Denham, Back Row: Wayne Plorin (B3 GUYS), Dennis Capiga (Hammond Suzuki USA)

Team Hammond USA class photo, front row: Hammond organ artists Akiko Tsurga, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Moe Denham; back row: Wayne Plorin (B3 GUYS), Dennis Capiga (Sr. Vice President Hammond Suzuki USA).

B3 GUYS service bay stablemates ... Lynyrd Skynyrd (left) and Steve Winwood (right).

We received a call from Lynyrd Skynyrd management/crew to restore three pieces of rock 'n' roll history. This white B-3 and two matching Leslie 122s belonged to their late keyboardist Billy Powell (1952 - 2009), which he played on their classic recordings and tours (see album cover below). Thanks for decades of music Billy! ... R.I.P.


B3 GUYS bonus publicity ... on tour and website with Steve Winwood. (click thumbnail images for a larger view)

Winwood B-3 Case Tag OK, next time we buy waterproof service labels.

Winwood B-3 Outlet Box The Boss requested two military style 147 connectors and one traditional 122.

Winwood 147 Amp One of Steve's multiple Leslie 147 tour amps we rebuilt.

Winwood rig at B3 GUYS

Team Winwood makes a service pit stop at B3 GUYS. Tour rig is a mid-'60s Hammond B-3, two Leslie 147s, and a Motion Sound SW-15 Subwoofer. Next stop ... Madison Square Garden for three shows with his pal Eric Clapton.

B3 GUYS custom Hammond A-100 and Leslie 3300 commissioned by Jack White.

The White Stripes Hammond A-100 Organ & Leslie 3300 Speaker

Here's a custom finish Hammond A-100 and Leslie 3300 we did for The White Stripes 2007 World Tour. B3 GUYS built two identical tour rigs as pictured - one for USA, one for UK/Europe. Following the tour, they informed us it was loaned to Bob Dylan for a few dates. This one currently resides at Jack White's Third Man Studios here in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jack White with his new B3 GUYS custom red Hammond A-100 Organ

The Maestro himself during Nashville rehearsals for the 2007 White Stripes World Tour.

Robert Cray Band Rental

Robert Cray Band B-3 & 122 Rental

Cased Hammond B-3 and Leslie 122 awaiting the Robert Cray Band tour bus for pick-up. Hood ornament was not included!


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