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David Shelton, CA


The music rest arrived today and I installed it this afternoon. The finish was well done and a pretty close match. The hardware was solid and installation was easy. It looks great on the B3 and l'm very happy with the results. Thanks for your help. You've got a great company there.

Scott Schauer, NC

Hi Wayne, 

Just a quick note to let you know i received the Mojo and am hugely impressed so far. Thanks again. I believe I'm going to be very happy with the Mojo. I love that i can take it out of the box put it on a heavy duty stand and love the sound straight away. I haven't found that to be the case with many instruments. I like to play. I don't think i will ever be a good perpetual tweaker. So far the Mojo looks like it allows me to do that. Thanks again.

James Witherite, DE

Wayne Plorin at B3 Guys has been nothing but a delight to do business with! Not only has he given me timely, transparent and professional service, but he's taken the time to be sure I've done the right homework with respect to the parts I needed to bring my 1962 A-100 and 1969 Leslie 147 up to par--instruments that have been around significantly longer than I have, and that I hope ultimately outlive me as well. Thanks, Wayne!

James Witherite, jazz organist and horse racing commentator, www.jameswitherite.net

Jeff Coppernoll, TX

Thanks for the screws - they were exactly correct and your advice on the size was great! I appreciate doing biz with folks who know their biz and are honest in what they do - Thanks so much.  
Jeff Coppernoll, TX

Joe Young, OK

Wayne … finally got the B3 MKII with bench and the two Leslie 122XBs last week … WOW! Not a ding on anything. Fit and finish on the woodwork is impeccable. Paperwork with manuals are helpful. Electronics are great. My untrained ear would have a tough time discerning old from new technology. A personal thanks to you for your help and guidance in the selection and purchase process. I would recommend you and the B3 Guys without reservation. Now, if I could learn to play like Jimmy Smith…
Best Regards,
J. Young

Dan Austin, PA

So I purchased an SK2, but also needed the pedals. I did a ton of research and found that the XPK-200L was my best bet ... so after inquiring with my teacher and some other monster players, I was told B3 Guys were the best company to work with and purchase Hammond supplies. Well, it took one phone call to Wayne and he was able to do the research on my behalf with Hammond to determine what I needed (XPK-200L which includes a special bracket for my EXP-50 expression pedal). I was ordered within an hour and Wayne even had it drop shipped to my house in Philadelphia to save me some shipping. A very pleasant and rewarding experience!

My friends were right. You are good, Wayne. Thanks so much for your help. My only regret is not finding you sooner. You have a customer for life.

Fred Dawson, DE

KeyB Duo MkIII arrived yesterday. Out of boxes in 15 mins....short instruction manual....set up in 10 mins....played through Bose Tower with Bose Base Cabinet. OUTSTANDING!!!! Set it up right next to B-3 for instant comparisons.....I'm in love with KeyB so far!!!
Somebody pinch me!!

Frederick J. Dawson, ChFC, CLU

Jon Mark Hancock, CA

Hello Wayne,

Just a short email to say thanks and things are working quite nicely - the instrument sounds great and is a flexible and true to the B3 as I could possibly hope for in a portable or pretty much anything short of the original. The tone is quite good and flexible; the additional side board controls give a lot of control. The Leslie Sim is as good as you could hope for, in just a synthesized stereo feed; which for me, means it's fine for practice, but won't replace the real thing; once I'm sure I'm on track for getting my chops back, a 3300 will have to be in my future. Something tells me that won't ship FedEx though! 

Thanks again for your professionalism and service, and wishing you the best for getting KeyB off the ground - if I should run into anyone interested in something like this, I'll be sure to send them your way. OTOH, I'm not exactly bumping into Hammond players every day out here in Silicon Valley… ;-)

Best regards,

Jon Mark Hancock

Customer's KeyB Duo MkIII and Stand in Cherry

Bill Bosco, NY

Hello Wayne,

I just sent you some pictures of my rig with the KeyB module you sold me last fall, I guess you should get them in a day or two. One setup uses a nord c1 as a controller, the other sits on top of my XK3 Pro-System at our church. We replaced a worn out '49 RT with it. Been using it since January. On stage it's going through a Leslie 3300, the house gets direct out of the module. It sounds fantastic in the mix, the Leslie sim really sounds great in the house. I'm very happy with this thing. Anyway thanks again, this thing is by far the best Hammond clone I've ever played on.

Greg Goodman, NE

Hi Wayne,

I got the Trek II UC-1A pre-amp and OBL-2 output box and they got my 47 Leslie screaming with my VK-7 and the M-3 at the same time. I can't thank you enough.

Greg 'bosco Goodman

Kevin Endres, TN


Love the Sk2. I'm still discovering all it can do. (my wife loves it
too, or at least she likes it enough not to yell at me about it.)

Please order an expression pedal for me, or if you have one in stock, let me know and I'll come get it. I'd like to get it before the end of the free gig bag offer on 2-29.

Kevin Endres

Lino Sousa, CA

Hi Wayne,

I ABOSULTELY LOVE the Sk2. I have played in now for two weeks and it is a BLAST.


Brian Davis, TX

RE: KeyB Expander Just wanted to say thanks again. This sounds AWESOME. I am embarrased to admit how many clonewheels I have tried in the past 15 years (only to be disappinted), but this is a welcome relief. And the fact that it is a module makes it the perfect addition to my synth setup.

Take care.

Jamey Lummis, PA

Just a quick note to let you know the Key B Exp checks out ok and that I really like it! Best sounding clone I've tried and easiest to use. Do you have an estimate for when the KeyB Organ MIDI Controller may be available?


Dr. Seth Allen, CO

Hi Wayne,
The Hammond SK2 arrived today in good shape. Thank you. I just wanted to ask you the date of purchase so we can be consistent when I send in my warranty card to Hammond Suzuki. Owning both the SK2 and the SK1 as well as a real B3, it is my opinion that the SK2 is the real deal. There's a real difference having those two manuals versus the split point on the SK1. I do think Hammond completely nailed it this time. For me, the SK2 is the dream B-3, C-3, A-100  - even better than my real one. Playing it is the real Hammond experience. As always, thank you for the great service: honest, no-hype, done when you said it was going to be done, etc.


Marc-Andre Morency, QC, Canada


Sk1 and stuff arrived safely. Packaging was ok. Keyboard sounds great. Pedal and bag best quality. Will "Testify"... for Nashville ... Thanks to all the B3 GUYS!


Scott Joyce, TN


I took the SK-1 on a fly date to Wisconsin and it performed beautifully! I rode no less than 4 small Delta's (CRJ-900's) and stowed it in the overhead bins with no trouble. It was easy to carry on my back through the airport too. I was able to have a cup of coffee while I walked to my gate. On the gig I just plugged it in, fired it up and it rocked. The on-board EQ was especially helpful so I could boost the mids and have it cut a little better. I also practiced in my hotel room for another gig using the SK-1's flash drive. I just put on headphones and played along. So far I love this board!

Warm regards,
Scott Joyce

Stefan Hajmassy, Switzerland

Hi Wayne,

I would like to let you know that the bench lid has arrived. It’s very well manufactured – a nice piece – the only thing that concerned me at first was the thickness of the veneer – it’s less thick than the original was – but my wood specialist was very pleased with it and told me that other manufacturers are using 0.1mm veneer – which is much less. (Yours is 0.5mm, I guess). Packaging was absolutely great and professionally done – and I did not pay any income taxes/fees!

So – I am very happy with it and I hope that my 55” B3 will end up as wonderful beauty.

You are running a serious, professional and reliable business which I appreciate very much. I am writing this because I have had some big problems with tricky US-Hammond dealers selling me an “X” as an “U” – if you know what I mean.

With B3 GUYS it has been a very nice contact – then that should be mentioned.

If I need other parts I will get in contact with you again.

Tks and best regards,

Fred Dawson, DE

Been meaning to email you since Tuesday (Club Phred rehearsal). B-3 played beautifully!  What a great improvement in so many ways. What fun!

You ROCK, Wayne! Thanks so much!

Frederick J. Dawson, ChFC, CLU

Carter Stevens, VA

Hey Wayne,

Just wanted to let you know that the XK3c and 3300 arrived yesterday. As promised it is a fantastic rig and is a pleasure to play! Cant wait to take it on a gig.

Thanks for all your help!
Carter Stevens

Bill Zerbe, NM

Thanks Wayne. You guys are first rate.


Thomas Schwarzenbach, B-Tonic, Switzerland

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your assistance. I just installed the device and it runs perfectly!

Thanks and best regards from Switzerland.


Rex Mauney, TX

Wayne, thanks for all you help in the replacement of my beloved "B" & Leslie. I bought that Leslie new in 1968 from the showroom floor of Blackwood Bros. Music in Memphis. Losing it was like losing my best friend.  

I relied heavily on your ear, expertise, professionalism & friendship during the replacement process.....knowing I could trust you. Having been at your place a while back, I expected nothing less. The fact that the organ/Leslie were already in Nashville was a huge bonus, too.

I can't wait to crank up that beautiful beast & hear its voice for the first time. I guess I'll have to keep a bottle of "Old English" handy to cover what blemishes might occur.

Hi Wayne, great to hear from you.......The new "B"/Leslie combo sounds great. Hope all is well with you,

Thanks again,

Rex Mauney
Toby Keith's "Easy Money Band"

Lori Mechem, Nashville Jazz Workshop, TN

RE: Larry Goldings - Everything sounded great and Larry was so great. He loved the organ..

Thanks Wayne,


Kyle Lehning, TN


The B's still sounding much, much better. Thanks for helping out with the bus bar business.


Craig Mattox, TN

Hi Wayne,

... hope you're doing well, and business is good. Touring season in full swing here, nary a hiccup from the trusty Leslie 3300. Best piece of gear I've ever bought. The 3300 I picked up from you has been an absolute dream to play, really sounds awesome. Thanks....Craig

James Habas, PA


I received my cable this morning, couldn't wait to try it out. I set up the Leslie per the instructions with the Leslie manual and played the demo on the XK 3. I sat in my recliner in the livingroom and listened to the 3300 and I cried with joy when I heard the sounds that came out of that cabinet. You were right. I thank you again, so much, for what you have done for me to get this rig to sound like a Hammond should. If I need anything else in the future, I will be talking to you.

You will have all my business. You da man !!!

Jim Habas

Dr. Seth Allen, CO

Hi Wayne  - 

Just to let you know, my order arrived yesterday. You're right. The Trek II pre-amp is very quiet and works very well for my intended application. I used to have a similar pre-amp by another company that was very noisy. The Trek II is excellent and the Leslie oil is very good on waffles.
Thanks again for the excellent customer support.
Hi Wayne,
I am pleased to announce that my Leslie 3300 arrived unscathed late Wednesday afternoon. That's pretty good considering I placed my order a week ago yesterday. I also received my 1/4 out unit for the B-3 which I was able to install in about 2 minutes. It actually works, makes no noise, is as simple as you can get.

I'm really pleased with the 3300 but have not used it at any gigs yet. I'm glad I bought the unit and my experience dealing with you has been excellent. 

Thank you;

Seth Allen.

PS - I've not used the 3300 with my B-3 but I have played it with my Nord C1 Combo organ and it's awesome.

Jeff Alderman, Bethel Baptist Church, NY

hey wayne just to update you on the delivery, everything went well they made it to us by ten like they said, dropped it off everything was intact in the organ, pluggd it up and the organ sounds great. So again thank u for your help, let's stay intouch and will talk to you soon May God bless your business, take care

Doug Rorrer, NC

Just wanted to let you know that the 3300 sounds great.

Sure wish I could get one of the B3's that you have for sale. Probably could, if I could sell my studio out. But, the XK3 system is much easier to move around.

Anyway, best regards,


Christian Martirano, CT

Hi Wayne,

You are the BEST!!! Man will I talk you up BIG up here in CT. The speakers arrived in PERFECT condition and were EXPERTLY packed. If there is something I can do for you just holler!! I’ll give you a ring next time I am in Nashville.

Best regards,
Christian (The Nord Guy)

Frank Brewer, VA


Just an update on the Leslie 3300 cabinet I purchased from y'all in August. I am completely satisfied with the sound and the quality of the product. The guys in the band cannot get over how the quality of sound has improved. I have played several jobs with it where space was limited and it has worked great. The only problem I have with it is trying the keep the volume down. I never had that capability with the 122 Leslie I had. As a matter of fact, after using the 3300 I sold my 122. Again, thanks for the help.


Lynn Hoffman, FL

Hi Wayne:

The Leslie 3300 arrived quickly and flawlessly. It is everything you said it would be. I love it! It has brought my XK3 to life. From a distance the average person would assume they are listening to a real B3. Now I am ready to travel with NO WHERE TO GO.

Thanks for your good service. I will be calling you again when I am ready to add the lower manual.


Chuck Ross, KY

Hey Wayne!

As I said, I have had 3 'B-3 Guys' in my life and you are the best EVER in so many ways! I suppose the fact you actually LOVE B-3's. . .and can damn well play one too, makes you such.

Thanks for everything. . .

Chuck Ross (Blackii Whyte)

Chuck Pedersen, FL

Hi Wayne.  I hope you are well. Just wanted to give you an update on this piece of equipment. Not only have I had good luck with the b3-itself with both leslies using my signal splitter, the Pre-amp unit has really come in handy when I needed to go “light” and use my roland keys but have real leslie FX.
...the unit is still working as well as it did when I first purchased it !!! You guys ROCK !!! I am now using it with my K2600 as well, and with my MacBook Pro with Mainstage !!

Thanks so much !!!!    

Chuck Pedersen

Tom Squires, OK

Now that is some seriously fast order handling, especially considering a Friday afternoon. Thanks!


Bernice Macke, AR

You were right, the oil did get down and everything is fine. Thanks so much for the information. Our children are all grown and moved away, but our paster has two children ages 4th grade and 2nd grade. We are giving the organ to them. We are from a very small church. I wanted it to be working as we had it, for them to use. Thanks so much. You made 2 families happy.

Anthony Llorens, CA

Thanks so much. You just made a customer for life.


Kevin Syler, TN

I must let everyone know about my newest purchase and the GREAT service I received from my Tech. After I searched long into the night, I finally found the B-3 I wanted to go with my 2 Leslies and a 1971 Porta-B. Then came the question of who would bring it all back up to new condition.

I contacted Wayne Plorin, www.b3guys.com, in Nashville, TN. First he met with my wife and me to talk about what we wanted to do and what he would suggest we do. The next thing, Wayne worked his schedule so I could drop off the Leslies on the way to Michigan to pick up the B from Ray P., thanks Ray. Then again he worked his schedule so I could drop off the B on the way back through Nashville.

In about 2 weeks Wayne had the B and both Leslies working like they did right off the assembly line. He went out of his way not to miss a thing and his main concern was whether I was happy. In my opinion Wayne went above and beyond to work his magic. The Leslies were in terrible shape after 35 years of stage and road abuse. He converted both to 147s at my request and the match is perfect!!!!

I highly recommend B3 Guys to anyone needing repair work or parts. FIRST CLASS OPERATION from a FIRST CLASS GUY!!!

I'll second Terry's recommendation. Call Wayne at B3 Guys!! 1) He has some great Leslies and Hammonds; 2) He will listen to you; 3) His equipment is in first class condition; 4) He'll stand behind what he says and what he sells. You can't go wrong!!

Niels Christensen, Denmark

… the contacts become less and less noisy simply by playing the instrument for a long time every day (which is certainly no problem - especially after I got it hooked op to my 122)
(thanks to Wayne/www.B3GUYS.com - hereby highly recommended – excellent service, patience and reliability.

Al Parsons, TN

Wayne, hope all is well with you and yours! Here is a good one. The other evening when I got home I sat down at the Hammond. Looking forward to relaxing I started playing. After a few minutes a strange sound happened. When I stopped playing it quit. Of course I played a chord or two and listened intently. Nothing. So I continued to play and again the strange sound started. Several rounds of starting and stopping always led to the same outcome. Nothing. Finally while playing the last time I happened to look up. About 40 feet away in the my neighbor's yard was their chocolate lab, Roxy looking straight at me. With head tilted and tail wagging to nearly perfect time to I'll Fly Away, she was barking. When I stopped, she stopped. The whole time she was the culprit. I am not familiar with canine vernacular, but considering the tail wagging and the seeming happy bark she approves of the Hammond and Leslie. I'm enjoying every minute!


Terry Mayfield

I'm going to try and direct you to a good and reputable Dealer for Hammond/Suszuki product ... I suggest that you go to the following website: www.b3guys.com. Look at ALL the product lines of Leslies that are available, then do as it suggests on the Home page: Contact Wayne (preferably by phone) and tell him what you want and He will give you the Best Deal he has. I have dealt with Wayne on a personal level, and I must say that He IS THE EPITOMY of what a PROFESSIONAL, PERSONABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE Hammond/Suszuki Sales/craftsman should be.

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